Karuvoorar Siddhar:


Karuvoorar belonged to a family of Viswakarmas. He is said to have sculpted in gold the dancing Nataraja as seen by the Chola king Hiranayavarman. It was under his guidance that the Brihardeeswarar temple was built by Raja Raja Chola at Tanjavur. His famous works are Karuvoorar Vaidya Kaviyam 700, Karuvoorar Pala Thirattu.


Karuvoorar is one of the 18 yoga siddhas. He was one of the eminient disciples of Boganathar after being initiated by him. He is popular for his contribution in constructing the Tanjore temple and other medicinal works. Idai Kadar is one of his eminent disciples. He has attained samadhi at Karuvai (karur).