Hazarath Syed Shahul Hameed Qadiri:






There is MOST popular muslim pilgrim centre in South India- Dargah of Hazrat SYED SHAHUL HAMEED QADIRI ( QADIRI ) QADIR WALI THE DARGHA is located 78 km from Thanjavur. The tomb is almost MORE THAN 500 years old and is topped by a golden dome and flanked by 5 minarets.

It is just 4 km to the north of Nagapattinam. Nagore (sometimes spelled Nagoor) is a town in the Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located approximately 4 km north of the city of Nagapattinam.


Nagore has a population of approximately 30,000. A prominent five-acre dargah (Muslim shrine) dedicated to the 16th century saint Nagore Andavar (literally "the Lord of Andavar"; also popularly called Meeran Sahib or Qadir Wali) is located there, and serves as a pilgrim center. The 14-day Kandhuri Urs (also spelled Kandoori or Kandhoori) festival, dedicated to the saint, is held there annually.



History of the Holy Saint: A brief History of the Holy Saint His Holiness Hazarath SYED SHAHUL HAMEED QADIRI ( QADIRI ) QADIR WALI GHANJASAVOY,GHANJABAKSH NAGORI, of Nagore Dargha ( Nagore Dargah) Sheriff.

This Famous Holy Saint was born in Manickkapur near Ayodhya in the northern Indian state of U.P. on a blessed Friday early morning in the Arabic month of 10th Jamathul Akhir Hijiri 910 (1491-A.D.)The Holy Saint was the 23rd lineal descendant of the Holy Prophet MOHAMMED (S.A.W the peace upon him). His father was HAZARATH SYED HASAN KHUDDOOS SAHIB and his mother BEEBI FATHIMA.


Even before his birth, a messenger of God appeared before his mother Beebi Fathima in a dream and predicted that she would be blessed with a son who would be the Savior of people and spend his life to spread Ilam.


Even as a child he showed signs of great wisdom, intense piety and divine communication before he was eight years old and learnt Arabic language and its grammar. He went in search of a religious preceptor (Master) who could educate him in solving the riddle and the secrecy of the world and who could teach him more about the Almighty and his ways and at his parent's desire, went to Gwalior to be initiated by HAZARATH SYED MOHAMED GHOUSE SAHIB Gwalior in divine knowledge.


After more than a decade of training, he left Gwalior and went to Manickkapur with a bunch of 404 disciples and then toured extensively with his disciples in Afghanistan, Balusistan and other places of the world performing innumerable miracles on the way by raising the dead, making the dump to speak and the lamb to walk and by curing all kinds of incurable diseases.

On his way to Makkah (Saudi Arabia), he halted in a Mosque at Lahore where a rich and respectable Mohammedan Kazi Hazarath Noordin Sahib approached him to be blessed with a child.








The Saint gave a chewed betel leaf to Noordin and instructed Noordin to hand over to his wife Beebi Johara and ordained that she should swallow it and remain separated from her husband for 40 days.He prayed to the Almighty to bless Noordin with children, and also informed Noordin that the eldest son should be dedicated to him as his son and asked Noordin to remain with him for 40 days without seeing his wife.


As per his blessings, Beebi Johara conceived and gave birth to a son on the 12th of Rajab Hijiri 959 and the child was named SYED MOHAMMED YOOSUF SAHIB as directed by the Holy Saint.


The child was properly educated and in his 7th year took leave of his parents to go and meet his real father at Makkah as he heard a Divine Voice informing him that his father (Hazarath Syed Shahul Hameed Qadir wali) was awaiting his arrival at Makkah so he went to Makkah and joined his father there.The Saint, his son and 404 followers-disciples visited Ponnani, Sri Lanka, Kayalpattinam, Keelakarai and Thankasi and propagated Islam.


Lastly the Saint visited Thanjavur, at that time the Naick dynasty was ruling over Thanjavur. The King Achuthuppa Naikan, then ruler of Thanjavur was suffering from a grievous and prolonged illness. The ministry of the King begged the Saint and requested him to visit the palace and cure the ill of the King.


The Saint was very much moved went to the palace and found that a dove was made to suffer by black-magic, with pin pricks all over its body and it was in a very unsafe condition and was the cause of the King's ailment at once. He asked his son to bring the dove prayed and removed one by one the pins in the body of the dove. After the removal of the pins the King recovered and got well.


The queen energized by the miraculous cure of her husband fell on her knees before the Saint and begged the Saint to bless them with children. The Saint accordingly blessed them with a fruitful progeny and in return the King offered wealth and rich presents which the Saint did not accept but only asked the King to give him a piece of land near the Sea-shore.

Accordingly the King dedicated 30 acres of land called 'Heavenly' and submitted the same to the Holy Saint on which the present buildings and premises of "Nagore Dargha shrine" stands. He remained in the place till the end of his life with his son.As per his instruction his son Hazarath SYED MOHAMMED YOOSUF SAHIB married SYED SULTAN BEEVI AMMA SAHIBA Daughter of Khaja Mahadoom-ul-Yamani of west Nagore. He got eight children-six males and two daughters.

The Saint went to Vanjoor nearly 2 miles away from the northern side of Nagore and in the Arabic month of Rajab fasted there for 40 days in a pit covered with a plank on which side the present Vanjoor Pallivasal stands and also fasted 40days at Silladi Pallivasal near sea-shore of Nagore.


The holy Saint demised in His 68th year on a Friday early morning in Hijiri 978 and was entombed at Nagore according to his direction.On the right side of the Holy Saint the tomb of His son Hazarath Syed Mohamed Yoosuf Sahib and the tomb of his wife Syed Sultan Beebi Amma Sahiba are situated.

The Maharatta King of Thanjavur Tulasi Maharaja endowed 115 villages 4000 acres of Agricultural lands for the maintenance of the Dargha. The Miracles of the Holy saint had not stopped with his demise, but continues to the present day.

The people of all religion are visiting Nagore Dargah daily to get the blessings of the Holy saint with out any distinction.The Nagore Dargha is an object of Great veneration not only for Muslims but also for people of other religions.The Holy Saint came to Nagore on Thursday. So every Thursday large congregation of pilgrims visit the Dargha and make their offerings to the Holy Saint.

The anniversary of the Holy Saint is celebrated every year for fourteen days commencing from the first day of the Islamic calendar month of Jamathul - akhir. ( You can easily find the corresponding English dates on Internet or any traditional calendars)

The festival known as the Grand "KANDOORI FESTIVAL" attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Malaysia, Singapore, Arabia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan and majority of the pilgrims come from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Karnataka, Maharastra, U.P and West Bengal and other parts of India.

The Dargah is managed by eight hereditary trustees who are the lineal descendants of the Saint's miraculous son Hazarath Syed Mohamed Yusoof Sahib by primogeniture.

The Holy Saint born................................. Hijiri 910
The Holy Saint Left the body........................... Hijiri 978
Stay with his father............................. ......18 Years
Stay with his Spiritual Master............. .....10 Years
Propagation of Islam ............................. ..12 Years,

Stayed at Nagore .................................... .28 Years